Hi! I'm Pauline

I'm a strategic and growth-focused product manager, developer, data analyst, and designer.

In the past, I won the Pulitzer Prize of the Philippines for essay-writing, debated at the national level, and made a lot of posters.

Right now, I'm studying Computer Science, Business, and Interactive Media at New York University.

Outside of work, I like reading things on the Internet, working on side projects, and playing word games with friends.

rock climbing 🪨
crochet 🧶
ducks 🦆
sticker-making 🌸
noodles 🍜
travel 🧳
speculative fiction 📚
word games 💬
writing ✏️
sherlock holmes bbc 🔍
philosophy 💭
new friends 👯
k-pop 🎵