Off to College

When I was in high school, college was everything. Then, I got in.

Right now, with my date of departure for college looming closer with each day, it feels too soon — but also, not so important anymore.

After starting an internship in product design and meeting lots of people already building their careers, I've lost most of my idealism about tertiary education. Life is so much more than the university you get into, or the major you choose. Plenty of people change their mind about their career post-graduation, or even after several years of work.

At best, college is a way to explore things you've never heard of, meet cool people, and get closer to where you want to be. How to succeed in a field in the real world turns out to be a totally different cup of tea. (Who knew?)

Still, I'm excited for this new leg of my journey. Graduating high school freed me up to take on cool projects, learn new skills, and meet amazing people outside of my local circle. At college, I can't wait to continue building my career, working on exciting things, moving out of my comfort zone, and becoming a better, more capable, and more impactful person. 

I'm thrilled for the adventure ahead, and I'm excited to share what I learn here. Til then!

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