Projects in Interactive Media

Future Punk Final Project
Cards-turned-posters to sum up every chapter of a class on science fiction, speculative thinking, and the future. 
Alternate Realities Labs
Projects in Unity with 3D objects, first-person controllers, cinematic camera, and 3D area scanning,
Worlds of Grief
First-person Unity experience navigating the complexities of grief in five environments. Planet shaders are computer-generated. Read more here.
Experiments with p5.js  
Projects from Intro to IM Fall 2022. See Ant Smasher here, Posenet Ant Smasher here, and all documentation here.
Sky Torch
An Augmented Reality sculpture made with Styly and Unity, with help from Jason Cruz. Displayed at the IM Showcase 2022. Read more here.
A tasty little video game made with p5.js, Arduino, Procreate, and a bit of craftiness. Displayed at the IM Showcase 2022.
GPTrue Love
Play here! Works best on desktop. A dating sim game where you help GPTheo get together with GPTessa.
Features ASCII art, choices generated by processing internet data through GPT-2, and a lot of love! Final project for Software Art.